Whether you're on vacation and want to check email, or you want to gather a large group of friends to orchestrate a raid on Everquest, TC Links Limited is the perfect place for high-speed Internet access. We can also accommodate word processing, file transfer, faxing, CD recording, music-listening, online chatting and video-conferencing. You'll appreciate surfing and gaming on our fast internet connection. With this super-fast Internet connection, you'll be visiting all your favorite sites in record time. Multi-player gaming is quicker and more exciting when you and your friends are able to do battle with no lag and plenty of bandwidth for everyone. We are conveniently located at the centre of Kensington, Liverpool, so whether you are just visiting or live in Kensington Liverpool, a trip to TC Links Limited will be quick and easy. Our friendly staff is eager to help with all of your computer and surfing needs. Stop by and enjoy a smooth and fast connection!  
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